About Northtowne

Northtowne was founded in 2014 by builders who recognized the need for experienced companies in the field of property management. With over 50 years of combined experience in the construction industry, our background in general contracting gives Northtowne superior skills in establishing and maintaining quality budgets for its clients, and services to its residents. We are always looking for the most innovative ways to maintain our complexes with the residents' comfort in mind. With Northtowne, you truly have the inside connection to the perks of the construction world. At Northtowne we treat all our residents with respect, kindness and understanding, and we recognizing that the landlord/tenant relationship is fundamental to both our business and your happiness. We work for you, and you deserve the best service in this field.

Our current portfolio is a healthy mix of both rental apartments and condominium property management. Our condominiums are located all throughout south-east manitoba, within Winnipeg and outside it's perimeter, and include both residential and commercial properties. Our friendly down to earth service, coupled with the necessary professionalism and accounting services, ensure our condo board's run both efficiently and productively. Every condo is unique, there is no 1-shoe-fits-all approach to condo management. Contact us and we can begin crafting a plan custom-tailored to what your property wants.