Northtowne was founded in 2014 by builders who recognized the need for experienced companies in the field of property management. With over 50 years of combined experience in the construction industry, our background in general contracting gives Northtowne superior skills in establishing and maintaining quality budgets for its clients, and services to its residents. We are always looking for the most innovative ways to design our complexes with the residents' comfort in mind. With Northtowne, you truly have the inside connection to the perks of the construction world. 

At Northtowne we treat all our residents with respect, kindness and understanding, and we recognizing that the landlord/tenant relationship is fundamental to both our business and your happiness. We work for you, and you deserve the best service in this field.

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Friendly service

Our passionate team is here to make your experience positive and seemless. We bring a friendly small company atmosphere, fostering genuine relationships built around trust and results. Life it too short to have it any other way. 

In-house Maintenance Team

Northtowne is proud to have an in-house maintenance team. This means that we can more quickly service your home with trusted team members, giving everyone more peace of mind. A repair request is just a click away.

Passionate Owners

An often forgotten about party in this industry is the property owners. Northtowne is proud to work with property owners who genuinely care about the communities you live in. This translates into properties that repeatedly see improvements and care built into the operational budgets. This means you win.

Condo Management

Northtowne is fully licenced and registered with the Securities Commission in managing Condominium projects. Our vast condo portfolio includes both residential and commercial properties, ranging from small to large both inside and outside of Winnipeg. Contact our office and let us show you how we can be part of your condo management solution.

Lets Get Started

Our unique relationship with carefully selected property developers still building exciting new communities means that our portfolio of locations is continously growing. With new projects and buildings scheduled for completion multiple times a year, our availability list is an exciting opportunity for anyone looking to rent. 

Northtowne's advanced software means we're able to quickly integrate the latest information, right at your fingertips. Tour through our site map or search bar for the latest locations and price points.

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